Spring School of Ministry (SSM) is dedicated to building the next generation of Revivalists. We want you to consider embarking on a journey with us to equip yourself to fulfill your calling in the body of Christ. SSM will focus on identifying Apostles, Teachers, Pastors, Evangelists, and Prophets, and developing these ministry callings.

SSM is a Spirit-filled school and seeks to empower students to release the power of the Holy Spirit as they identify specific gifts and ministries within themselves. We focus on the transformation of individuals in preparation for ministry first, and then focus on the Bible education of the student second.

Our prayer is that Christ will be formed in you just as Paul prayed in Galatians 4:19.

Our Vision

Spring School of Ministry is a spirit filled school & seeks to empower students to release the power of the Holy Spirit as they identify specific gifts & ministries within themselves.


Two Tracks Now Available

1. Credentialing

  • Classes in person & online
  • Tuition required
  • 2 Year program
  • Graded assignments

2. Audit

  • Free to attend
  • In person classes
  • At your own pace
  • Student Connections

Fall 2023 Classes

Sunday's Classes - 9AM

Principles of Faith - Youth Center
A study in the operation of a world of unlimited possibilities through faith. We will examine old covenants compared to the New Testament covenant, as well as ways we can build & stretch our own faith.

Personal Growth & Spiritual Growth - Mac Room
This course is designed to teach the unique characteristics of Jesus’ life & ministry that caused Him to flow constantly in sync with the Holy Spirit.


Wednesday Classes - 7PM

Biblical Identity - Main Sanctuary
A study of the New Testament concept that Christ lives in us upon salvation, the power Jesus carried on Earth & His performed miracles, as well as Paul’s explanation of the glorious mystery being revealed in the understanding that the miracle life of Jesus lives through each believer.

Kingdom Theology - Mac Room
This course is an in-depth study of the teachings of Jesus regarding the Kingdom of God. The core objective of the course is to convince students of the “royalty” they possess as children of the King & mobilize them into the holy, supernatural lifestyle that flows from this belief.