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January 2023

1/25/23 "Seek His Face" with Noemi Royer

1/22/23 "Catching a Glimpse" with Pastor Robert Hogan

1/18/23 "Keep Your Peace" with Nancy Crisp

1/15/23 "Give Me Wisdom" with Pastor Robert Hogan

1/11/23 What God is Saying For 2023 with Peter Ayo

1/8/23 PM "God's Word For 2023" - Dr. Luke Holter

1/8/23 "Insomnia" with Dr. Luke Holter

1/4/23 "Keep Your Eyes On Jesus" with Brenda Hogan

1/1/23 "Grace For Next Levels" with Pastor David Hogan


December 2022

12/18/22 "God Has A Way Out" with Pastor Robert Hogan

12/14/22 "Jesus Is Born" with Brenda Hogan

12/11/22 Powerkids & MDO "It's Christmas Time!"

12/07/22 "Choose Hope" with Reverend Melissa King

12/04/22 "The Gift of His Blood" with Pastor David Hogan


November 2022

11/30/22 "Rewards of serving God" with Peter Ayo

11/27/22 "Attitude Of Your Heart" with Pastor Robert Hogan

11/20/22 Spring First Live with guest speaker Gene SummersHogan

11/13/22 "The Devil's Been Talking" with Pastor David Hogan

11/9/22 "Waiting on the Lord" with Brenda Hogan

11/6/22 "Winning with God" with Pastor David Hogan

11/2/22 "And God Said" with Brenda Hogan


October 2022

10/30/22 "Qualities of a Soul Winner" with Pastor Robert Hogan

10/19/22 "The Harvest" with Peter Ayo

10/16/22 "We are God's Masterpiece" with Dr. Wayne Lee

10/9/22 "Forget Not All His Benefits" with Pastor Robert Hogan

10/5/22 "Spring First Live" with Pastor David Hogan

10/2/22 "Covenant Day of Deliverance" with Pastor David Hogan


September 2022

9/25/2022 "When There is No Revelation" with Pastor Robert Hogan

9/18/2022 "The Greatest Commission" with Pastor David Hogan

9/11/2022 "Being Led by The Holy Spirit" with Pastor Robert Hogan

9/10/2022 Girls Ministries Honor Stars Coronation and Royal Rangers Awards Ceremony

9/7/22 "Hungry For His Glory" with Brenda Hogan

9/4/22 "Fire Bibles" Guest Speaker Tom Green

August 2022

8/31/22 "Prophetic Move of God" with Brenda Hogan

8/28/22 "Spiritual Violence" with David Hogan

8/21/22 “Love One Another” with Pastor Robert Hogan

8/17/22 "Finding Your Purpose" with Guest Speaker Brian Baker

8/14/22 "Loving Others" with David Hogan

8/10/22 "Why We Should Pray" with Brenda Hogan

8/7/22 “What Is Love?” with David Hogan

8/3/22 "Growing the Inner Man" with Pastor Brenda Hogan


July 2022

7/31/22 "You're A Wanted Man" with Guest Speaker Michael Dean

7/24/22 "Someone Else is Eating Your Calf" with Pastor Robert Hogan

7/20/22 "Communion Revival" with Brenda Hogan

7/17/22 "Keys To The Kingdom" with David Hogan

7/13/22 "Thinking Like God" with Brenda Hogan

7/10/22 "The Power To Succeed" with Pastor Robert Hogan

7/6/22 "The Enemies Of Trust" with Dianne Brown

7/3/22 "A Day Of Healing And Power" with Noemi Royer


June 2022

6/29/22 "Faith Is Of The Heart" with Peter Ayo

6/26/22 "Power To Belong" with Pastor Robert Hogan

6/22/22 "Being Delighted In God" with Brenda Hogan

6/15/22 - "Walking In Gods Power" with David Ezekiel Chuma

6/12/22 - "The Church's Finest Hour" with Pastor Robert Hogan

6/8/22 - "Healing" with Brenda Hogan

6/5/22 - "The Kingdom Has Come Near" with David Hogan

6/1/22 "Angels, Angels Angels" with Brenda Hogan


May 2022

5/29/22 Builders International Missions - with Ryan Moore

5/25/22 "Falling in Love with Jesus" with Michael Dean

5/22/22 "Wear Your Own Armor" with Pastor Robert Hogan

5/15/22 "Answering The Call" with David Hogan

5/11/22 "The Power Of The Word" with Peter Ayo

5/8/22 "The Spirit Of Love" with David Hogan

5/4/22 "Let's Run Together" with Nancy Crisp

5/1/22 "Breaking the Curse" with David Hogan


April 2022

4/27/22 "The Pit Is A Part of the Plan!" Melissa King

4/24/22 "Set Your Affections" with Pastor Robert Hogan

4/17/22 Easter Sunday "It Is Finished" with David Hogan

4/15/22 Spring First Live "Good Friday Service”

4/13/22 "Serving With Excellence" with Brenda Hogan

4/10/22 "Saved By a Lamb" with Pastor Robert Hogan

4/6/22 "Mudslinger" with Dr. Luke Holter

4/3/22 "Moving Forward" with David Hogan

March 2022

3/30/22 - Melissa King - "Nothing Can Separate Us"

3/27/22 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "Attributes of a Soul Winner"

3/23/22 - Brenda Hogan - "Let the Laughing Begin"

3/20/22 - David Hogan - "Overcoming Doubt"

3/9/22 - Brenda Hogan - "The Measure of Faith"

3/6/22 - David Hogan - "Grace For Next Levels"

3/2/22 - Brenda Hogan - "Learning to Hear God's Voice"


February 2022

2/27/22 PM - Lou Engle - "The Samuel Conference" Session V

2/27/22 - Dr. Luke Holter - The Samuel Conference Session IV - "Hold On"

2/26/22 - Bishop Bill Hamon - "The Samuel Conference" Session III

2/25/22 - Dr. Luke Holter - "The Samuel Conference" Session I

2/23/22 - Brenda Hogan - "Living a Worry Free Life"

2/20/22 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "The Cost of Sacrifice"

2/16/22 - Brenda Hogan - "Bringing Thoughts Into Captivity"

2/13/22 - David Hogan - "The Gift of His Presence"

2/6/22 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "Standing On The Covenant"

2/2/22 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "The Work Of The Holy Spirit"


January 2022

1/30/22 - David Hogan - "Kingdom Advancement"

1/26/22 - Peter Ayo - "The Power Of The Holy Spirit"

1/23/22 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "The Power Of Persevering"

1/22/22 - "Jesus Has My Back" - Breakfast with Brenda

1/19/22 - Melissa King - "The Holy Spirit And Power"

1/16/22 - David Hogan - "Boldness In Prayer"

1/12/22 - Brenda Hogan - The Works Of The Holy Spirit"

1/9/22 PM - Dr. Luke Holter - "Playa Haters"

1/9/22 - Dr. Luke Holter - "The Importance of Prophecy"

1/5/22 - Brenda Hogan - "The Benefits Of Your Prayer Language"

1/2/22 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "Don't Take A Wooden Nickel"


December 2021

12/26/21 - David Hogan - "God's Favor for 2022"

12/24/21 Christmas Eve Service

12/19/21 - Pastor Robert Hogan - "The First Announcement"

12/15/21 - Testimonies

12/12/21 - Power Kids Christmas Special

12/9/21 - “Whosoever"

12/1/21 - Michael Dean - "The Peace and Power of a Transformed Mind"

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