Our mission at Spring First Church is to CONNECT people to God and help them BELONG to a community of Christ Followers, as they GROW deeper in their faith, so they can SERVE others.



Connecting to God is the first step in our process at Spring First. This step encourages you to connect to God by practicing personal prayer time and Bible study, as well as attending Sunday morning services to be challenged by Biblical Preaching and teaching, and engaging music and worship.


Belonging is the second step in our process. We value close friendships and relationships among our congregation and our community. We believe that this can easily be achieved by belonging to one of our small groups and/or on Sundays and Wednesdays.


Growth is the third step in our process and happens naturally when you have connected and belong. We believe that this happens through involvement in our Bible studies and ministries as well as on a personal level through discipleship and mentoring.


Serving others is the final step in our process at Spring First. We have numerous opportunities for you to serve in several different venues ranging from within the “four walls” of the church, community outreach to global missions projects.