Marriage Ministry

Spring First Church provides the foundation for romance, love and all the things that those with a hurting marriage are seeking. You want your family to be vital and victorious. You can choose to be successful in the ways that count by having a home where your children learn to love God and others as they follow the example they see in you.

Marriage is the foundation of the family. When the marriage relationship is hurting, the family is hurting. Couples seek marriage counseling and are often given the advice to divorce, when the reality is, divorce is not the answer.

ENGAGE offers hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness through stories of grace, teaching and small groups. Re|Engage is an 8-16 week small group session. Whether your marriage needs to be REIGNITED, or is in need of a complete RESURRECTION, ENGAGE is a safe place for couples to RECONNECT. Sessions begin in February and September.

Date Night happens 3 times a year and offers a fun evening to pursue each other all over again. Life is busy and schedules can quickly get away from us. Before we know it, it's been weeks -- or months -- since we've spent quality one-on-one time with our spouse. Invest in your marriage one date at a time.

Men's Ministries

Spring First’s Men’s Ministry stays very active with a variety of ministries including: Monthly meetings, Golf and Fishing Tournaments, Skeet Shoots, Mission's Trips, and much more. The ultimate goal of Men’s Ministries is to challenge men to become Godly husbands, Godly fathers, Godly supporters of their pastors, and full-fledged followers of Christ.

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Women's Ministries

Spring First’s Women’s Ministry’s three-dimensional design tailors to our diverse group of women through three crucial levels of interaction. Events and Banquet Fellowships, Small Groups, and One-On-One Connections are defined below

Events and Banquet Fellowships invite, inform and include a large group of women through:

  • Retreats or Advances
  • Workshops and large group activities
  • Large group fellowships

Small Groups involve and instruct women by providing support and accountability through:

  • Bible studies
  • Prayer teams
  • Hobby and Craft groups

One-On-One Connections invest and inspire. They are life-giving relationships that support women on an intitmate emotional and spiritual level through:

  • Mentoring
  • Prayer chains
  • Personal contacts

Outreach is an extension of our three-dimentional design. If includes food ministry, Pleasant Hills orphan ministry, aid to and for church missionaries, baby and wedding showers.

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If you are 55 or older, come and join our active Super Seniors. The last Sunday of every month they meet here at Spring First at 11:30 AM for a potluck luncheon and time of community.

Super Seniors stay very active with various trips each year with both day and overnight events. The goal is to have fun and fellowship while creating a Christ-centered community. For more information please email