Worship Arts

Worship Arts Mission: To create a worship experience that will provoke thought and open hearts.


Worship is essential to who we are. Worship is movement and should be the entire trajectory of our life. It points us where we need to go.

We all worship. There is an innate desire in each of us to adore, glorify and lift up something higher than ourselves. It’s the object of our affection that sets us apart and defines who we are. For some it could be a job, relationship, sport or material possession. We choose to relentlessly pursue our Creator for who He is and what He’s done in our lives.


Growing deeper spiritually, personally and relationally.

Our worship is an outlet to communicate with God and to share in a common passion with other believers. Growing in Christ is a lifetime learning process and we desire to share in this with those who also choose to follow His plan for us.


Community is achieved by doing life together. Celebrating, grieving, encouraging, laughing and crying with one another!

Connecting with both our Savior and each other in tangible way is our ultimate goal. It’s not just enough to go through the motions, but we want to reach beyond complacency and conformity into the depths of real life experiences that we all face. We exist to first love Christ, and then each other.

The Next Generation:

Raising the next generation of leaders, vocalists and musicians is imperative to the growth, life and community of this ministry.

Pouring our talent, experience and knowledge into the lives of those that follow in our footsteps is paramount to our worship. Time is fleeting, so we give all we can to develop and train so that a new generation of worshippers will arise out of our community to one day take our place.